Hawaii's Best Bread 2018

Hawaii's Best Bread 2018

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We've been loving Hawaii's families since 1851.

Love’s breads have been family favorites for generations. Kids love the soft texture and Moms love knowing they’re perfect for making favorite lunchtime sandwiches or a tasty snack.


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Delicious, healthy recipes that feature the Natural Whole Grain Goodness® of Roman Meal bread — always baked fresh locally — combined with the best seasonal ingredients. Eating well has never been easier!


Known as the "flying bakery truck", the planes were used from 1945 to 1960

The history of Love's Bakery began in June 1851 when Robert Love, a baker and a native of Glasgow, Scotland, disembarked in Honolulu harbor.  He and his wife and their three sons had made the 80-day voyage aboard the "Adirondack".